Everything’s New All The Time

Installation, dimensions variable, 2007    

As part of Everything’s New All the Time, a collaboration with artists Shilpi Gupta and Clint Coburn, we transformed my studio into an otherworldly space with mystical creatures, pools and springtime blossoms.  My own painted footprints led the way for the viewer into a watercolor panorama covering the walls.  Members of the public, encouraged by sidewalk signage, attended this exhibition during a city-wide gallery event.

Artist Statement
My work employs translucent materials such as watercolor, layered tracing paper and wax to evoke the atmospheric qualities of light. It often explores my interests in contemplative spaces and interpersonal relationships.

Layering materials both conceals and reveals forms, suggesting dimension and history.  

Small works often lead me to make larger installations or sculptures, but I continually return to the two-dimensional surface.

For pricing and further information about my work, please feel free to contact me at elissarosemorley@gmail.com or use the contact form.